Booking will only be confirmed upon payment in advance. Which can be done by Wise or PayPal for international transactions (fee to be included). All sessions include video recording of the session sent a few days after

Soul’s Signature (Birth Char & Vocational Chart)

A full dive into the astrological signature of your soul to unlock the codes of success and prosperity in your Birth Chart.

Two sessions package to unlock your purpose and personal power as well as give you insights and practical strategies to bring your gifts and talents into the world.

U$ 258
€ 236
£ 206

Solar Return

Analysis of the Birth Chart + Birthday Chart. Year forecast of the opportunities, learnings and destiny of your year.

Study and follow your birthday map month by month, illuminating all areas of life + planning the best months for career, finances, travel, launching projects, relationships, family, etc

U$ 258
€ 236
£ 206

Nomad Soul

Astrocartography is the study of your Birth Map applied to other cities, countries and continents in the world. Find out in which country/city you will have more ease and flow to: study, work, interact, make connections etc.

Choose up to 03 destinations to live, travel or exchange and compare what your Birth Chart would look like in other parts of the world.

Analysis of the Birth Chart + Astrocartography Chart + Relocated Charts.

R$ 620,00


Synastry is the astrological technique for analyzing relationships. Discover the potentials, challenges, destiny and karmic connections of your relationship with another person. It can be done between couples, friends, work partnerships, family members or any significant connection that you want to strengthen and deepen

R$ 1520,00

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