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Sun & Moon in Leo. Pisces rising.

About me

I studied communications and worked for 10 years in the corporate until I fell in love with Astrology and understood that the creativity and mystical side that I hid behind formal clothes were my true mission and destiny.

With 24 years old after having my Birth Chart read for the first time, I created a jewelry e-commerce and became a digital entrepeneur creating a successful jewelry brand that opened my vision to a new world in which it was possible to live and work with things I love, and to the world of Astrology, which I fell in love with and began to study intensely until it became my main profession.

With over 8 years of experience, I’ve been through various training, courses and specializations in the field of Astrology, Spirituality and Holistic Therapies.
I’ve helped clients from all around the world find their authentic expression, live a more purposeful life and create their dream business through my Astrology and Mentoring sessions.

As a Performer Artist and Body Researcher, I also  create and facilitate personal development and body expression workshops with dance, singing and other creative tools. Additionally, I create astrological content for my Instagram @astromystica as well as other websites, blogs and social media.
My biggest passions are to read the sky, to dance and to CREATE.

+ 100
Charts read
+ 10
Years Experience
It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to do what I love: to serve and guide leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries to step foward into their purposes, potentials and create abundant and prosperous lives by expressing their true soul essence.


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